“The art of the sailor is to leave nothing to chance.”
Annie Van De Wiele
Our goal has always been to build long-term relationships with our customers, utilizing our experience in keeping down costs, yet offering best service leveraged by economies of scale to achieve operational excellence in any projects and contracts we are part of.


Our company has been started with a purpose of providing services to merchant ships in the Baltics and in 2004 has entered cruise market after a few years of the successful growth.

Since 2004 our company has become one of the leading contractual suppliers for a number of international cruise lines. Geographical range of the logistics of our deliveries covers entirety of Northern Europe, including all major European cruise destinations and ports, such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Kiel, Helsinki, Stockholm, all the way to North Cape.

Over the years, WWS has transformed into a one-source supplier for our customers — offering comprehensive portfolio of goods and services to match high demands of the industry coupled with flexibility and precision in fulfilling of even most demanding requirements.

Due to our continuously high level of service and diligence we have put our homeport of Tallinn on the map as an authorized top-off port for our clients with regular loadings to supplement scheduled main deliveries.

We have also developed two in-house brands, Liza Foods and Liza Hotel, consisting of an expansive list of food and hotel items produced under our supervision and per our specifications to meet the requirements of our clientele.