WWS philosophy is to develop strategic relationships with company’s customers based on the principles of healthy competition, lowest total cost, continuous improvement and a focus on on-time quality service, safety and the environment. Our customers and end users deserve the best value products and services and we demand our employees, producers and business partners to constantly maintain and contribute to the highest standards of product quality and consistency in supply. We prefer to create value-added solutions for our customers, not mere commodity-like offerings, thus exceeding industry standards and focusing on what’s most important for our clients and us – providing the best experience for the guests and travelers.

Food items

We offer over 3000 food products and articles, from raw materials to ready-to-serve items. Our selection allows to meet the requirements of even most demanding ingredient-based cuisines, with all items guaranteed to be of the best quality via constant control of goods during production, at the warehouses and in transit.

Hotel supplies and items

Our selection ranges from toiletries to professional cleaning supplies with possibility of integration into existing maintenance setups, suitable for a vast majority of the standards and regulations.

Transit and logistics services

Bringing highly flexible regional and global platforms to our customers to ensure timely delivery, storage and transit of the goods to provide cost-effective answer to any challenges inherent in the multifaceted industry.