WWS is a global provider of goods and services to cruise, travel and food service industry in Northern Europe and beyond.

We are proud to be a part of it and over the years have enjoyed serving an cooperating with a long list of our clients – starting from multinational cruise lines all the way to local ferry lines. We are capable to meet any challenges facing such rapidly changing industry and are constantly on the move to increase our customers’ satisfaction. Our growth has always been in part due to our close relationship with our clients, speaking the same language is an important part of our work.

Whatever are the requirements of the task at hand – we are always ready to provide most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

We are proud to offer our customers custom-tailored solutions for their needs, whether it is developing new products as per their specifications or improving existing portfolio items to reflect specific requests based on cost reduction and value generation for the guests.

We devote significant share of our resource pool to working together with our clients – to carefully study and share information, to enable them to have every part of the operation in top form and to always have high competitive advantage.

We understand that guests’ satisfaction and creation of long-terms values are paramount to our clients and we always strive as a part of the industry to maintain highest standards in our everyday activities, production and long-term goals.